The Weightless Astronauts
and Nationwide
Tel: 087 226 6237

Contact: John Colohan
The Weightless Astronauts
Weightless Astronauts come highly recommended as a wedding band. Typically the band will play for two and a half hours and have catered for weddings as small as 20, right up to 550 and other functions of up to 1,700 people. Their set is built around getting people dancing from Grannies to Rockers and everybody in between with a diverse mix of songs from all genres.

Visit our web site at to see our set list.

The Weightless Astronauts are a 4 piece band, led by John Colohan and have toured with Michael Flatley on Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames and the new Celtic Tiger show and DVD. They have also played with The Hothouse Flowers, Mickey Harte, Mary Coughlan and Daniel O' Donnell!

The Weightless Astronauts will travel to anywhere in the known universe to play your event!

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